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Officials Needed
2/8/2016 - Basketball @ Leipsic
Need a replacement official for a freshman boys basketball contest for tonight (Monday- Feb. 8) at Leipsic. 5:00 pm start and a 40.00 rate. Contact Gary Kreinbrink if interested.
Contact:Gary Kreinbrink (lp_kreinbrink@lp.noacsc.org) Phone #s:419-969-0729 or 419-943-2164 ext. 4088

12/6/2016 - Basketball @ ALLEN EAST
JH GBK officials needed at Allen East on: 12/6/16, 12/20/16, 1/5/17, 1/19/17, 1/24/17, 1/31/17, 2/7/17. All games start at 5pm and pay $50.
Contact:Lisa Truex (truexl@alleneastschool.org) Phone #s: (Home)

12/8/2016 - Basketball @ ALLEN EAST
JH BBK officials needed at Allen East on: 12/8/16, 12/13/16, 12/15/16, 1/10/16, 1/12/17, 1/17/17, 1/26/17. All games start at 5pm and pay $50.
Contact:Lisa Truex (truexl@alleneastschool.org) Phone #s: (Home)
Baseball(18) | Basketball(3) | Football(4) | Softball(23) | Track(1) | Volleyball(3) | All(52)
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